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Fusion-io beats competition with ultra-fast hybrid arrays

Fusion-io blow the competition with ultra-fast hybrid arrays Fusion-io, the company in the hands of the server-side flash on the radar of the CIO, is now making a splash in the hybrid storage ioControl for small and medium businesses. Revealed only three months, the system is based on … Read more SiliconANGLE (Blog)

FutureStars 2014 kicks off Talent Competition Friday Blilotlmidi East talented Ann Arbor, will sing and dancing their hearts this weekend to have the opportunity to compete in FutureStars 2014 final next week. 12th round, the annual talent show will feature 45 high school juniors … Read more about rel = “nofollow” Ann Arbor News – MLive.com

Tortoise Beats Hare competition ski Pet China

Tortoise Beats Hare competition ski Pet China Turtle beat Hare skiing competition held in pets and their owners in China, the report said on Tuesday. Cats and dogs facing off against Bieber have a rooster and a duck yellow race to the finish line on the snowy slopes of Henan … Read more

Adam Scott will not be back Events with Honda Classic six weeks break six weeks is the biggest competition was from the beginning of last year. worked fine. Scott was the time of your life, when he won the first increase of the Masters, even more important because it was the first … Read more 2014 Student Academy Awards competition in progress The Academy is now accepting applications for the 2014 Student Academy Awards for its competition. Oscar winners students went on to catch 46 Academy Award nominations, and won or shared eight awards. winners include the likes of Pete docter, … Read more